Esquire Presents Me in My Place with Sarah Shahi

by Daniel Haim

A photographer we know — a notable photographer, who has shot portraits of many notable people — sent us a link to his new Tumblr page a few months ago: There were portraits — stunning, bright, goddamn sexy — of many unknown women, not exactly “normal” or “regular,” but not quite notable either. How the hell did this happen? we asked. Turns out our photographer friend took his camera and himself over to a New York City apartment one afternoon, and energy just happened. Beauty, too, like we’d never seen. And the site became so popular, with men and women, that it just keeps on happening.

Well, turns out we know a few notable women ourselves, so we sent him and his camera over to a few slightly less “normal” houses in Los Angeles the other week. The result is a collaboration we think you — and all those Tumblr people — will love: famous women, in their homes, and their clothes (mostly). So when you’re not distracted by the original Me in My Place, come back to every two weeks for a new session.

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