Cosmo Jarvis Releases Exclusive Track “Wrong Kind of Happy”

by Daniel Haim

British singer/songwriter Cosmo Jarvis created a buzz around his recent single “Gay Pirates.” Now available on iTunes, “Gay Pirates” is a touching look at the hardships of two lovers endured in another historical era. The video for “Gay Pirates” has received nearly 300,000 hits on YouTube, was endorsed by British television personality Stephen Fry on Twitter, and was recently named Video of the Day on AOL Music (Check out AOL Video of the Day feature here).

Cosmo Jarvis is now releasing a track from his upcoming album, Is the World Strange or Am I? exclusively via the Twitter platform. Users can download the song “Wrong Kind of Happy” by clicking here. This track will only appear as a bonus track on the digital version of Cosmo’s upcoming album. Fans who download the track via Twitter will not only get the new song months before its official release, but will retweet the track to their followers and automatically be able to follow Cosmo Jarvis’ tweets for the latest updates and news about the upcoming album.