Did Grammy Voters purposely Boycott Eminem & Justin Bieber?

Eminem and Justin Bieber left the Grammys without the Awards they supposedly deserved, and according to Music exec Steve Stoute, the Grammys has become a hypocrisy.

Are Grammy voters in line with current pop culture or have they decided to team up against big artists for fear that awarding them would make the Grammys too commercial?

Indie music artists got a triumphant boost at this year’s Grammys, which was a change of momentum for an industry notably dominated by mainstream commercial acts. However, there are doubts to whether this year’s Grammys are in line with the current music generation.

If we take a look at Eminem, Justin Bieber and Kanye West, these three artists have had a huge impact on the music culture phenomenon yet fail time and time again to get awarded in several categories. Eminem’s album ‘Recovery’ had a massive impact on music listeners compared to Arcade Fire. It feels almost like a slap in the face to give ‘The Suburbs’ Album Of The Year when half the music industry got involved with Emimen’s comeback. Tracks like ‘Love the Way You Lie’ raised issues of domestic violence. It was viewed over 290 million times on youtube. This counts for one song on the album. This song alone had more impact on music listeners than Aracde Fire’s entire career and this doesn’t even count as sales. Although Arcade Fire is a good band in its own right, it just doesn’t match to what Eminem achieved this past year.

Why did Justin Bieber not get the Best New Artist award? Do Grammy voters use the internet? Some may be critical of him because he has become too commercialized, and talked about, but the fact remains he is the symbol of the young music generation. He was just a kid starting out on youtube with big dreams. In the end he is no different to the indie artists that got the awards this year. But, the difference is no other artist matched what he achieved this past year in that nomination category. For this reason alone, the fact that Esperanza Spalding was given the award is just completely unrealistic. Until the Grammys took place, a majority of people didn’t know who Esperanza was, and yet she is winning a Grammy for her supposedly huge impact on the music scene.

Steve Stoute “Does the Grammys intentionally use artists for their celebrity, popularity and cultural appeal when they already know the winners and then program a show against this expectation?”

Another question we should ask is why should commercial acts dominate the Grammys at every award ceremony when they have little appeal to the voters? Few dare criticize the Grammys but there comes a time when the industry’s number one event needs to be in line with what is actually happening. There should be expanded categories dedicated to indie artists to give them a bigger voice. Putting mainstream artists against little known bands and singers is an unrealistic contest. If categories were more defined, then voters may have a better way of approaching their choices. The Grammys however should not award artists purely on record sales, but on cultural impact. How do we measure this? After all, the music industry is now an online phenomenon.

(These two videos combined have been viewed over 700 million times)

Eminem & Rihanna Love the Way you Lie

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