Julianne Moore is the new face of Talbots

by Daniel Haim

Julianne Moore TalbotsThis isn’t the first time I’ve said these words, Julianne Moore is hot! I mean stunning! The 50 year old actress has elegantly replaced supermodel Linda Evangelista (who appeared for the fashion brands Fall 2010 ad campaign).

Some might ask, how did Julianne land this role? “Julianne exemplifies everything we want as the face of the brand. She’s very active, beautiful, soulful woman,” Michael Smaldone tells People Magazine.

He added “Julianne Moore was a very natural choice for us because she is a woman who is in her 40s, and is strong and confident.”

The photo shoot was held in a greenhouse decorated with flowers in springy vibes, and perhaps the colors are what make everything about these photographs absolutely soothing, beautiful and heartwarming. I should add ‘with just a pinch of vintage-ness’ to it.

It’s safe to say, we truly missed Julianne Moore, and what a comeback! She looks, 30 years younger!