Kelli Set To Perform At The 2011 Winter Music Conference

by Daniel Haim

New York’s “it” girl when it comes to music and fashion, Kelli is thrilled to release her first single “Gave Up On Love” which she has performed at some of Manhattan’s most prestigious nightclubs. Kelli, is set to release her first exploding dance/pop music single, “Gave Up on Love” on April 5th, 2011 exclusively on for one week, then moving to itunes on April 12th, 2011. Kelli just wrapped shooting her music video in Brooklyn to support the single, and cannot wait to share it with fans.

Kelli will be bringing the heat to Miami when she performs “Gave Up On Love” at the 2011 Winter Music Conference, March 10th at ScoreBar with Wynter Gordon. “I am so excited to be apart of one of the most exciting and high profile music conferences in America. It will be a welcoming change after performing in Park City for the Sundance Film Festival where it was so cold,” jokes Kelli.

Millions might know Kelli as the girl from Bravo’s hit reality show, NYC Prep, but Kelli is not just a reality TV star – but a badass pop artist that has created dance hits that will bring the world to its feet.

Billed as the real life Gossip Girl, NYC Prep chronicled the lives of a group of privileged teenagers trying to make it in Manhattan’s elite prep school jungle. But Kelli’s high school career wasn’t about indulging in shopping sprees and making appearances at debutante balls – she was busy creating musical gems, including her dance/pop hit single, “Gave Up on Love.”

Kelli’s positive lyrics and upbeat dance melodies make it easy to relate to everything she has to say. In her new single, Kelli belts about the protective walls she has built up, a song she co-wrote that sheds light on the intensity of some high school romances.

Although NYC Prep allowed Kelli a jump start at her singing career and the chance to sing on national television, she worries today that TV fans may resist viewing her as a serious artist, especially after three other Bravo reality stars have also released dance singles.

“I want to be Kelli the artist, not Kelli from NYC Prep who became an artist,” she says. “I was a singer before the show, I sang during the show and I’m singing after the show.” Focusing on dance music came easy to her, feeling it to be the music of her generation and comes natural for her to dance, sing, and have fun on stage.”I want young people to embrace who they are,” Kelli states. “To live and figure out their true selves. I hope the record will make some realize how silly it is to live for a guy or a girl who is not worth the time or tears.”

Kelli looks back fondly on her high school years, and in starring on Bravo’s NYC Prep. “But high school is over for me. I’m ready to sing professionally now. I want people to know that performing is my passion and that it’s real.”