Kirk Douglas and Hugh Jackman steal the Oscar limelight

The Oscars proved to be a predictable affair for some but Kirk Douglas and Hugh Jackman came out on top.

Hollywood stars in attendance included the likes of Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Mandy Moore.

Jackman and Douglas shined above everyone else in a single moment. Kirk Douglas took to the stage and handed out the award for Best Supporting actress. He took his time to make fun of himself, taking ‘too long’ to announce the winner written down in front of him.

He also poked fun at Hugh Jackman, sat next to Halle Berry, who seemed to receive a lot of attention throughout the night. Of all the random things that happened at the Oscars, these two seemed to be remembered the most, while the hosts were ‘lost in Translation’

Anne Hathaway of course managed to sing a duet at the show, which was mildly humorous, and again targeted Hugh Jackman. The two had performed in 2009 and Jackman was mocked throughout her ‘remake’ of the song.

The 2011 Oscar ratings fell 7% year on year, and critics have been quick to blame the hosts, despite similar ratings in the youth demographic. Should Oscar hosts bear the brunt of criticism? If a 94-year-old man can make the whole audience laugh, and the sitting ‘Wolverine’ gets all the post Oscar attention, surely the hosts did something wrong.

Kirk Douglas and Hugh Jackman moment