Lady Gaga Arrives at the GRAMMYs in an Egg carried by four men

by Daniel Haim

AN EGG!!! Let’s start with where should this article be categorized.. Definitely under the #WTF tag. If we had one, matter of fact we’ll make one right now. There you go, did it.

This is a major facepalm, a double one indeed. We are gathered here waiting to see what Lady Gaga has got prepared for us outfit-wise. What it’s going to look like for the 53rd GRAMMY Awards.

As you can see in the photos, Gaga hasn’t hatched from the egg yet. Lady Gaga arrived at the GRAMMYs in a plastic egg carried by four men. Assuming it’s a PR for ‘Born This Way.’ Well, was she born this way? No, stop it Gaga.

Whether you’re still confused, we are here to comfort you. We are confused too. Look closer and see-through the egg shell. It’s Lady Gaga, literally inside of it.