Laura Jansen’s “Single Girls” A Definitive List Of Remedies For The Broken Hearted

Single Girls,” the emotionally loaded first single from ‘Bells,’ the US debut of LA-based Hotel Cafe mainstay Laura Jansen out March 22 on Decca Records, is a breathy, delicate pop metaphor for the devastation of getting your heart smashed to pieces. It also doubles as a list of remedies for broken hearted women and an anti-Valentine’s day anthem.

To overcome her broken heart, Jansen details her path to clarity, which includes: drinking with the guy down the hall, reading books on meditation, praying for the heart’s salvation, cutting hair, painting the walls, not thinking about the one who broke her heart.

2011 is shaping up to be a big year for Jansen. In addition to the album, she’ll tour with Joshua Radin and Cary Brothers, make a stop at SXSW and head out on the Hotel Café tour later in the year.