Movie stars like Megan Fox & Keira Knightley Victims of Anorexia?

by Iain Alexander

Hollywood beauty Megan Fox is one of many celebs always seeking to look her best, but do some go too far to get the ‘thin’ look?

Are public figures being pushed too far over the edge to be thin? Anorexia is a big problem in the world, but the movie and fashion industry demand beauty in all areas of the business.

From models to actors, and dancers, the idea of being trim, slim and looking good is a top priority for most, and for others seeking to enter the entertainment industry.

When do these standards get too much for people more vulnerable to their messages? This kind of constant advertising asking us to lose weight is the kind of problem that Anorexia sufferers face. The more popular it is to be thin, the higher the pressure is on young women to have a small waist.

Stars like Megan Fox and Keira Knightley have been linked to anorexia in the past. Actors such as Christian Bale have also gone ultra thin for movie roles. Should we be worried?

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