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They say the world is getting smaller. With increased globalization comes the opportunity for groundbreaking collaboration in the fashion industry. But how is such a diverse mass of global talent to be coordinated? Enter: is a brilliant professional fashion networking website created in 2008 by London-based fashion consultant Raoul Keil. It’s the first ever online fashion network that allows people to form partnerships, start projects, and advertise job vacancies and events all for free.

This means big things for the fashion industry, especially when it comes to cultivating budding talent. Through, upcoming talent in the fashion industry can easily reach across the globe and join creative forces to generate pioneering work like never before. makes breaking into a notoriously difficult industry unabashedly easier.

Each member of, be it an individual or company, creates a profile categorized by industry or occupation. They can upload photos and video, create new fashion projects and events, and even write a blog. The website is superbly conducive to facilitating social and professional networking and transfer of ideas. Users can browse the profiles of everyone else on the website by occupation or location, and can contact each other through private messaging at any time. is all about bringing people in the fashion industry together, and the events section of the website provides a unique opportunity for users to post information about upcoming events such as sales, fashion shows, photo shoots and projects. This allows users to not only advertise their event but also find collaborators for projects around the globe.

Here is a video of how it works

The bespoke nature of is perfectly suited to the nature of the fashion industry as we know it today. In such a global market, there is a danger of great emerging talent going unrecognized, but is working to ensure that doesn’t happen. Not only can members reach out to each other to collaborate on projects, but they can also post and search job opportunities.

Because everything it offers is absolutely free, has unparalleled accessibility—its 44,500 members are a testament to that. The website’s all-inclusive policy gives fashion students and upcoming talent in the industry a way to get their foot in a door that was seemingly bolted shut. And that’s why networks like are so critical—the fashion industry is being given a gift, an unprecedented opportunity to combine talents from around the globe, and it would be a travesty to throw it all away.

So unite, creative people. Log onto and share your genius with the world.