Rihanna getting 25 million views a week on YouTube

Every week Rihanna gets more than 25 million views on YouTube for her raunchy and controversial videos.

Take her recent outing in S & M. The video was banned in 11 countries, got a YouTube censorship and was condemned for being too sexy for kinds. Even though the video does have ‘many’ sexual references, bananas, and Perez Hilton, it has managed to attract over 8 million views since it was released over a week ago.

What makes Rihanna different to other female artists is that she continues to push the boundaries of ‘explicit’ referencing, which is no doubt drawing more fans and attention. Why else would people watch a music video if it didn’t have an edge?

Rihanna has outpaced any singer this year on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Is she going take over the Gaga movement? Lady Gaga currently has over 1. 2 billion views on YouTube.

Rihanna S&M