Robert Stromberg and Karen O’Hara: Onstage Speech

by Daniel Haim

“Why didn’t I lose that 20 lbs? First of all, the other nominees, Guy, all you guys deserve to be up here. Everyone at Disney from Iger and Ross and Bailey, Bruce Hendricks, Art Repola, the great Joe Roth. The Art Department led by Stefan Dechant, Crissy Wilson, and Todd Cherniawsky. This great set decorator. I’m standing here because of three people, Ken Ralston, the great Richard Zanuck, and the wacky world of Tim Burton. There he is! (Robert Stromberg)

Tim, this is yours. Thank you.(Karen O’ Hara)

Meet me with a saw because half of this is yours. There’s one last bit of art direction for a Tim Burton Film. There it is. Thank You Academy and to my wife and kids and I dedicate this to my Dad. (Robert Stromberg)”