Adam Sandler Dead in the Twitter World, Alive In Real Life

by Brian Willett

Is Adam Sandler dead? Only if you believe everything you read on Twitter. But don’t worry, it seems you wouldn’t be alone, because the Adam Sandler dead hoax apparently fooled a lot of people late Sunday night. The prank is said to be the work of Global Associated News, who gave few details other than claiming that Adam Sandler was dead. While Adam Sandler may be dead according to Twitter, he is alive and well, enjoying his Just Go With It earnings here in the real world.

Adam Sandler has been declared dead before; the Twitter world fell victim to an Adam Sandler is dead hoax in December 2010, when it was claimed that Sandler died in a freak snowboarding accident. Of course, Adam Sandler is far from the only celebrity to have been declared dead by Twitter; other stars include Lindsay Lohan, Will Smith, Miley Cyrus and Kanye West.

Once again, Adam Sandler is NOT dead. Celebrate his life by watching Adam Sandler movies online right here.