Alexander McQueen Fall 2011 – Beauty Report

An army of ice queens commanded the runway adorned in 6,000 silver and metallic black barrettes for the show, all supplied by Goody to create the ultramodern vision of the Alexander McQueen girl. The look was “robotic and fetishistic—almost futuristic,” paired with an ethereal face highlighted with a special mix of luminescent pearl pigment and Chanel Pro-Lumiere Foundation in #10, the lightest shade in the range.

Legendary artist Peter Philips, creator of the alabaster beauties states, “The clothes are like armor, so we didn’t want to distract from that with complicated makeup.” Philips dusted shimmering ivory and gold highlights onto the sides of the face, the nose bridge, the inner corners of the eye, and the cupid’s bow of models’ mouths “just to bring it all alive so they don’t look dead.” Philips has begun a progression from bold colors to a softer side of beauty, spotlighting the radiance of a more natural face, a new “cocooning effect” of makeup.