The Antlers New LP “Burst Apart”

2009 saw the release of The Antlers’ astonishing album “Hospice”, an elaborate song cycle dealing with life, death and all the in-between, a record which earned the trio of Peter Silberman, Michael Lerner and Darby Cicci rapturous praise, striking a deep and resonant chord in both critics and audiences alike.

Now comes their follow-up, the rather aptly named “Burst Apart”, released in June on their new UK label Transgressive Records – an epic, affective collection of songs which are lush, nuanced, and uncommonly moving, seamlessly integrating accessible and affective melodies with dynamic, imaginative orchestrations. Indeed, with its swelling pulsebeats, intricately crafted arrangements, and dreamy pop hooks, the remarkably sensual “Burst Apart” sees The Antlers’ ambition and artistry ascending to an extraordinary new plane.

In addition, following on from a smattering of shows at this year’s SXSW Festival, The Antlers will be making their long anticipated return to the UK this summer, with headline shows at Heaven in London and Club Academy in Manchester, finishing up with a show at The Great Escape festival in Brighton on May – providing an unmissable, exhilarating glimpse into The Antlers’ incandescent heart.


“Burst Apart”

Released on Transgressive Records

June 13


1. I Don’t Want Love
2. French Exit
3. Parentheses
4. No Widows
5. Rolled Together
6. Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
7. Tiptoe
8. Hounds
9. Corsicana
10. Putting the Dog to Sleep