Bloginity Correspondent Gives a Live Update from Tokyo, Japan

by Daniel Haim

Over the past week everything has been absolutely confusing to us. We were supposed to be in Tokyo today, enjoying the 12th Annual Japan Fashion Week. We’re absolutely not complaining – what we’re saying is that we are still shocked by the entire situatioNot to mention that we are absolutely hooked to the TV, Internet & Radio stations listening to everything that’s been happening.

Bloginity and FACTORY311 are collaborating right now to launch TOKYO 311 relief and help save Japan, we will submit an official press release later today or tomorrow so please stay tuned. If you are interested in making a personal donation you can find ways to help on Google’s Japan Earthquake Crisis Response page, or visit the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief Fund to make a donation.

A Bloginity contributor who lives in Tokyo wanted to share this update with you.

Live Update from Tokyo 03.17.2011

The BBC is showing some dreadfully inaccurate stuff and the headlines in the Mail today are scandalous. I am ashamed of the British press and BBC for such irresponsible reporting. I am embarrassed by the foreigners haste to leave this city. The Japanese are aghast at the response and it is hugely shaming. They need our custom and presence to help them.

To put it into perspective, the sun is shining here in Tokyo, it is a beautiful day if a little chilly. The cherry blossom is slowly appearing. Starbucks is functioning normally and so are other restaurants and bars – we have just been out to lunch and are planning on going out to dinner tonight to Cicada. Oh and I found plenty of milk today. Life is carrying on as normal.

Live Update from Tokyo 03.18.2011

There are children out in the play parks (most schools remain closed to conserve power), dogs being walked and the shops are slowly getting more stocks in. Milk still scarce but is available in small quantities in some places. Limits of 2 cartons each but that’s no hardship really. I’ve been to the gym and spoken to others who also feel Tokyo is getting there. More trains are running and we managed to avoid a blackout last night. All good news. The radiation issue is still with us but we are all closely monitoring any info we can get. A Japanese lady I met in the gym summed it up really: there are people dying in the area around the nuclear plant working to save us. The least we can do is get on with living. She is right.