Chris Brown Apologizes for GMA Tantrum, ‘Surprised’ By Rihanna Questions

by Brian Willett

Chris Brown has been working hard to re-establish his image since his 2009 guilty plea to assault on then-girlfriend and fellow pop star Rihanna. However, Brown took a step backward yesterday after Good Morning America questions surprised and disturbed him on a day he thought would focus on his new album, F.A.M.E.. After performing “Yeah 3x”, Brown stormed off the GMA set, allegedly tearing off his shirt and throwing a chair into the window of his dressing room. The window shattered and rained glass into Times Square.

While the media was quick to condemn Brown for his actions, the singer pointed out in an apology Wednesday night that he was merely letting out steam and did not hurt anyone. During the interview, Brown noted that F.A.M.E. was all about refocusing on his fans and his music, forgiving enemies and leaving the past in the past.

“I didn’t physically hurt anyone; I didn’t try to hurt anyone,” Brown said. “I just wanted to release the anger that I had inside of me because I felt like I worked so hard for this music.”

While Brown acknowledges the severity of his past actions, he has made it obvious that he is attempting to move on. A judge commended Brown for his community service work and his restraining order against Rihanna was recently relaxed. According to Brown, he was angry that the GMA interview got in the way of him expressing his positivity and celebrating his album release with fans.

“I love my fans and I love to be able to make positive music, but I felt like people kept just trying to take it away from me,” Brown explained. “Although you could see me upset, I kept my composure, did my performance…when I got back I just let out steam in the back.”

While Good Morning America has denied the claim, Brown says that he was sent talking points prior to the interview, and that “massive harping on your past with Rihanna” did not appear anywhere.

“As the interview proceeded…I felt like they told us this so they could get us on the show to exploit me,” Brown said. “So I took it very, very hard.”

In addition to stressing that he did not assault anyone, Brown apologized to those affected by his outburst.

“[I apologize to] anybody who was startled in the office, anybody who was offended,” said Brown. “I was disappointed in the way I acted.”

Brown’s appearance on Good Morning America was intended to celebrate the release of F.A.M.E., which you can download right here. Find Chris Brown music on iTunes right here.