FACTORY311 Launch Their New Image Production Agency Website

Factory311 are preparing for the launch of their new website Factory311.com, and it’s destined to be an all white affair. As part of the agency’s new dynamic, the site is set to be the ultimate showcase of the 311 expansive creative portfolio. A bold move away from the loyal black still held by Factory311 Image Licensing, the change will give a whole new light to the production side of the agency.

‘311’s Creative Director Nicholas Hardy is remaining optimistic to the change, despite his obvious attachment to the mysterious, black facade the agency has carried since their inception. “2011 started with a boom, and after a busy January we felt a fresh start was required to compliment our new outlook.”

The agency has taken the new website “back to basics”, presenting a clear layout and organised platform for their work to be viewed on. “We’ve turned the website on its head, bringing our commercial work to the forefront as a celebration of what we do and where we’re heading as an agency.”

By stepping out of the darkness, the team have kept their sleek, sharp look, and opened doors to a brighter future in Image Production. The release of the website is set for the 11th of March; a prominent date in the Factory311 calender. The 03.11 is a date 311 always want to represent in some prominent way, whether in their working practice, or as a social event. This year, it only seemed appropriate to mark the day with the release of their website, and with the work that’s gone in, this day is set to be another successful 03.11.

The new website is part of 311’s new direction and lease of life, setting them apart from your standard Photo Agency with their ‘360° thinking’. A new and exclusive outlet for the creativity the agency lives and breathes, it has opened themselves up to a market of new Brands, Advertising Agencies, Magazines, Art Directors and other Creative personnel. By offering a range of expert services from individual artists and art work, to full production packages, 311’s expansive portfolio in Fashion, Beauty, Music and Sport subjects is only set to grow.

Their international outfit now hosts exclusive teams all over the globe, providing access to a striking list of Photographers, Illustrators and Motion Graphic Designers. A set-up few have thought to endeavor in, 311 have opened a door to a continuous list of worldwide knowledge, information and locations, giving their clients the Factory311 ‘Freedom to Create’.

The London based agency have struck very exciting times, as they drive on with their love and passion for fine imagery.