David Arquette “OK” After Car Crash in Beverly Hills

by Brian Willett

David Arquette was involved in a car crash in Beverly Hills Friday afternoon, but his publicist assured fans that the actor was “OK”. David Arquette’s car crash occurred on Doheny Drive in Beverly Hills and was a head-on collision. Rumors circulated as to the severity of the crash after pictures of David Arquette lying in the grass next to the road were spread across the internet.

However, David Arquette’s publicist explained that the 39-year-old’s injuries were not severe, although he did receive treatment.

David Arquette has been in the headlines recently due to his separation with Courtney Cox, with whom he has a 6-year-old daughter. Despite their relationship problems, Arquette and Cox will be appearing together in the fourth Scream film, which hits theaters later this year.

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