Donation Supports the Non-profit PLUS Registry to Aid Entire Photo Community

by Daniel Haim

American Photographic Artists

American Photographic Artists today announces the second contribution of $25,000 to the PLUS Coalition to aid in the completion of the PLUS Registry, a key component of the Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS). APA’s first $25,000 donation was in October 2009. When operational, the PLUS Registry will link images to their rights holders and will provide instant access to rights information for any image. Today’s contribution to the non-profit PLUS Coalition is part of APA’s overall plan to support the success of not only APA members, but of all photographers.

APA’s mission is Successful Photographers. By allowing photographers and their customers to leverage technology to improve image licensing and image rights management, PLUS is critical to that success. APA’s contribution to PLUS supplements APA’s ongoing advocacy efforts in support of professional photographers, including legal and legislative activities such as APA’s opposition to unfair provisions of the past orphan works bills. APA urges all organizations to recognize the need for a global, industry-neutral, non-profit registration authority for rights owners, image licenses and images, and for a universal language for communicating image rights. The PLUS Coalition has succeeded in bringing together key stakeholders from all industries and in developing a comprehensive system of international standards. The next step — the development of the PLUS Registry — is an important opportunity to realize truly positive impact on our entire profession.

APA’s contribution to PLUS is made possible by funding received from the Authors Coalition of America (ACA) in the form of royalties for overseas copying of works that cannot be identified by title or copyright owner. These funds must be used solely to support education and advocacy efforts benefiting visual artists.

APA National Advocacy Chair and Senior VP, Michael Grecco says, “These funds represent our continued support of the PLUS Registry, which is close to completion. APA believes in the registry because it will enable artists and their work to be easily identified around the world. This has the potential of bringing much needed income throughout the licensing of their images.”

“APA’s continued high-level participation in the PLUS Coalition has been key to the development of both the PLUS Standards and the PLUS Registry,” says Jeff Sedlick, PLUS President and CEO. “This contribution of Author’s Coalition royalties provides much needed funding in support of our efforts.”

APA National President, Theresa Raffetto, adds, “We’re extremely pleased to be making our second donation of $25,000 to the PLUS Registry and to be part of its completion. APA looks forward to what the PLUS Registry will contribute to Photographers and our industry.”