Google’s April Fool’s Hoaxes – We’re Ready For You!

Google Docs, Store Anything (April Fools)

From Chrome 3D to Virgle – Google has always been the #1 hit when it comes to April Fools hoaxes.

“Store anything on Google Docs” – Google announces that it’s Google Docs will have the capacity to upload anything – physical objects like your cell phones, keys,. And YouTube’s ASCII video filter, or Google proposing the Japanese input System, a keyboard which will include a single key for each Japanese character.

Starbucks had some jokes on us as well as they prank their readers introducing new coffee cup sizes. A shot-like glass called “micra” and an enormous bucket size cup called “plenta.”

Hoax or not hoax. Google has chosen April 1st to launch actual products due to viral marketing. Which is brilliant when you think about it. I am really looking forward to what April fools might bring us.