Heart Attack Grill Spokesman Blair River Dies at 29

by Brian Willett

To be perfectly honest, most people reading the headline “Heart Attack Grill spokesman dies” probably wouldn’t be too surprised. However, it’s not what you think – Blair River, the “gentle giant” of the Heart Attack Grill commercials, did not diet from a heart attack, but rather a bout of the flu. River spent four days in the hospital before dying of pneumonia. Jon Rosso, the owner of the Heart Attack Grill, called the event a tragedy.

“[Blair was] a young creative genius, a promising man whose life got cut short because he carried extra weight,” lamented Rosso. “Had he been thin, he would have had a tenfold opportunity to survive.”

Despite the potential role of obesity in River’s death, Rosso has announced no plans to scale back the fat or calorie content of the Heart Attack Grill’s food, which is proudly obscenely high in calories and fat, with “triple-bypass” burgers and “flatliner” fries. Prior to his death, River was believed to be 570 lbs and appeared in many Heart Attack Grill ads, such as the “Heart Attack Grill Diet Program” ad below.

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Heart Attack Grill Ad