New on the Music Scene is CockNBullKid.

Anita Blay goes by the stage name of ‘CocknBullKid’. She is a singer songwriter from East London ‘Hackney’ in the UK and has been active within the industry for sometime and now is ready to showcase some new material.

Excitement hits our stereo as CocknBullKid prepare for their first studio album release. Anita Blay goes by the stage name of ‘CocknBullKid’. She is a singer songwriter from East London ‘Hackney’ in the UK and has been active within the industry for sometime and now is ready to showcase some new material.

The album is entitled ‘Adulthood’ and will be in stores by April of this year, so expect a fresh sound with incredible vocals throughout. Anita has currently been touring the UK to prepare for the release of her new album and I managed to catch up with her on the NME Tour with Electro Indie band ‘Metronomy’ at ‘Heaven Nightclub’ and this is what she had to say.

Tanya: I was fortunate to just have seen your show at Heaven nightclub. You were amazing, how did you think it went?

Anita: I was pretty happy with it. I was wearing a bespoke light up headpiece which was attached to my head using grips and pins so I was concerned about not whipping my hair back and forth too much. Asides from that, I had fun. Crowd were great.

Tanya: Your outfits are usually very unique and edgy, and this time you had a funky-lit headpiece on, who made it for you? Your cream shift dress was show stopping too, where’d you get it?

Anita: Thank you. It was made by Johnny and Giles from House of Blue Eyes who is an amazing fashion powerhouse. I’ve just started working with them and it’s scary we share so many of the same ideas about the aesthetic of the show and my look. The dress was from a high street shop. I can’t remember which right now, sorry.

Tanya: Getting ready for a show does it usually take you a long time? Could you talk us through your CocknBullKid pre show rituals.

Anita: Usually drink lots of hot water and Propolis (vocal remedy-works wonders), panic about something I’ve forgotten to bring like lashes or shoes. Warm up, have a glass of wine and start the show.

Tanya: So lets talk about your new music and new album “Adulthood”. My personal opinion of your new material would be that it pretty outstanding and it seems you have taken it up a notch. Who did you work with on the new album?

Anita: Thank you very much. Some of the co writers include Peter from Peter Bjorn and John, Joe Mount (Metronomy), Mark Tieku who I’ve worked with from day dot…Shaznay Lewis (All Saints), Joe Cross (Hurts). But Liam Howe has produced it all.

Tanya: It’s got a pop sound to it too. Have there been any different influences within the writing process?

Anita: All sorts. Mainly, I drew from my experiences. I drew from films, books. Freda Kahlo was a great source of inspiration too. I often took from some of her work and that was enough to inspire songs or lyrics. Also my religious background-, which for a while I suppressed but decided to delve back in and take from it.

Tanya: We all know that there was a certain urban movie called “Adulthood” made. How did the name “Adulthood” come about, for the name of your new album?

Anita: Yes. Well I wrote the song Adulthood about 2 years ago. It was completely unrelated to the film. The label always loved the track and as all the other songs were coming together my A&R suggested we call the album ‘Adulthood’. It seemed to fit with the theme and tone so it was perfect.

Tanya: If you could sum up your album in three words what would it be?

Anita: Honest, dark, Pop.

Tanya: So NME awards are approaching…are there any bands or musicians you’re listening to that you think that should get some recognition?

Anita: Sparkadia, Sleigh Bells, Ruff Diamondz

Tanya: I heard your Rui Da Silva cover “Touch me”. It’s a classic dance song and a personal favorite of mine. How did that come about?

Anita: It was a song from my childhood, which I had always loved. It was a song I had wanted to cover for ages.

Tanya:  What’s next on the agenda for CockNBullKid for the duration of the year?

Anita: More touring, more songs, the album and global recognition.

Tanya: Thank you for your time and good luck with the release of your album!

For more information on CockNBullKid visit . The Album is available to download and in stores April 2011