Jamie Nelson’s Fashion Photography for NYLON Magazine

by Daniel Haim

Following on the other weeks submission from our friends at FACTORY311 we are doing a second round up of photo upload from NYLON March 2011 issue photographed by the one and only Jamie Nelson.

New York City based photographer Jamie Nelson had produced these eye popping photographs for the latest NYLON magazine (March 2011 to be exact).

The previous shoot which we published on March 15th had showcased the work between Jamie and Angelica Bogatyrova at Women Direct. The “that new ‘70s show” article captures all the best bits from the glam seventies and struts it into the noughties with style.

Nelson’s photography manages to catch the elegance and grace of her models whilst bringing an edge that makes them hard to ignore. Check out this gallery below, some of these haven’t been published yet so.. Enjoy!