My Love Anthology – Review- By Francis Xavier Labiran

Weeks ago a book was created and not any type of book a breath taking anthology made up of love poems called ‘My Love’. The founder of the book is by Francis Xavier Labiran. He  asked different poets to contribute to this piece of literature about their different views and expressions of what they believe love is.

The anthology has a total of nine poets who shared their view on what they’ve established love to be. Writers included were noteworthy writers, such as Chaleboy, Ezekiel The Poet, Suli Breaks, Rae Twumasi, Catherine Labiran, Jadean Johnson, Angie Nwokedi, Lyrical Love and Francis Xavier Labiran himself.

‘Love on the Underground’ is a poem which used popular London train stations as metaphors including witty well thought out wordplay during a word spoken conversation. Lines such as ‘I ain’t got that much in the BANK, But your MONUMENT of beauty’ show creativity with words used. Each destinations chosen to emphasise words only to be left for our imagination to figure out.

Lyrical Love includes a poem called ‘The poetic beat you hear my heart sing’ with only 11 lines, this beautifully written poem was able to capture the essence of what love allows one to do and the deep feelings it can bring. With such simplicity the author leaves a gracious smile on your face.

‘Play on’ by Chaleboy is a wonderfully written moving piece, full of descriptive words to give detail to a point in time.’Feminine fingers manipulated the blacks and the whites. Her music was a prejudiced sound, Because it only aimed to intoxicate my hearing, And mine alone’

Other poems such as ‘Black Rose’ went into depth about heart ache and pain that a loved one caused, the yearn of what was missed is no longer to be found.The attraction of this poem is an annotation is not needed,  its clear what type of love has disappeared, an agape type of love, felt for another. ‘How could I have been a fool to think romance was alive’.

My Love is put together by different feelings any average Joe today has probably faced or come across. Undeniably each poem either makes you think, laugh, digest the meaning of love, but most importantly pause for thought-Aims of what any anthology should do.If you’re a fan of poems and generally love reading, this heart warming book is the next place to turn to. With different styles of writing each poem is set to captivate.