Manhattan Film Festival Unveils Filmmaker Revenue sharing Program

by Daniel Haim

Manhattan Film Festival ( is proud to announce the launch of their Filmmaker Revenue Sharing Program. Since their inception they have made it a priority to find new ways to help filmmakers make a career out of filmmaking. While not an easy task they believe their bold new program is the game-changer they have been searching for. The platform they have built has the potential to yield filmmakers tens of thousands of dollars.

The Filmmaker Revenue Sharing Program will allow filmmakers to promote and sell festival tickets while earning 50% of the revenue. The program will be available to anyone who submits a film as well as select filmmakers looking to raise money for the production of a film. Filmmakers of officially selected feature films will hold the exclusive rights to promote their ticket sales with all other participants allowed to sell general admission tickets, which will allow access to any festival screening based on availability. Every feature filmmaker will earn 50% of their ticket sales regardless of program participation. With over a hundred planned screenings, in theory, filmmakers would have the possibility to earn over $100,000. Philip J. Nelson, President and Founder of the Manhattan Film Festival, said, “Given the success of digital revenue sharing models we feel this program will revolutionize what a film festival means to a filmmaker.”

Participants will have the capability to sell tickets on mediums such as websites, blogs and social networks with the ability to log in and track real-time sales and commissions. Filmmakers can currently request participation at and will receive complete instructions before ticket sales are open for the 2011 season. The 5th annual Manhattan Film Festival will take place July 22-31, 2011.