Make It In Manhattan: Save New York City’s Garment Center

by Daniel Haim

Although we are lovers of the west coast, we at Bloginity are proud New Yorkers. This is our home, and this is where we started, and this is where our company is registered.

During NY’s Fashion Week we had the chance to meet both Michelle Vale & James Belzer who are currently working on a very interesting project together.

James Belzer is the Director of the upcoming documentary ‘Make It In Manhattan‘ throughout several emails, and a good phone call I realized that there is a serious problem here in Manhattan’s Garment Center.

The Garment Center is slowly but surely becoming just another commercial district. Real estate pressures are emptying aparel businesses out the midtown home they’ve occuped for almost a century. Fashion company headquarters, fabrics and trim suppliers and factories are all losing their leases.

You can take immediate action today. Visit our friends at Save The Garment Center, and join news updates, NYC Rallys, become a fan on their Facebook, and learn more about the cause.

Let’s have a little flash back to the Parsons Panel Discussion

What should we be doing? That was the original title for the panel debate and as questions started pouring in from the crowd about investment relations to usage of social media one very memorable question came from Robert Savage, President of Nanette Lepore,

“All those who made fortune thanks to the Garment District should show their gratitude by committing to manufacture one small part of their line in NYC to keep the Garment District alive for future designers. Can the panel makes that commitment?”

He was not even done with his question, and everyone started clapping. But an answer? There wasn’t one. Hilfiger tried to answer it, suggesting it would make a great documentary film then we heard a voice coming from the crowd, it was Michelle Vale who said “There is one and we are making it right now” which is the time I realized there are cameras filming the event. t’s called ‘Making it in Manhattan’ and it’s coming out this September” Vale said.

Read more: The Parsons Panel Discussion at Milk Studios

So where else buy New York City? That’s the question Make It In Manhattan is asking.

The Documentary (which is coming out September 2011) contains interviews with Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff, Gary Wassner, Jeff Kapelman, Jeff Rudes (J Brand), Steven Cox & Daniel Silver (Duckie Brown), Teddy & Karen Sadaka, Nary Manivong, Ally Hilfiger, Christian Cota, Brian Wolk & Claude Morais (Raffian) and Nannette Lepore.

Make It In Manhattan – Teaser

Where else do you go to start your career besides New York City? If it’s not made here in New york it’s made somewhere else and if that’s the case – we’re in trouble.