This Month at the New York City’s MoMA – April 2011

Spring is finally here, bringing a colorful month to the Museum. MoMA Nights promises to draw another vibrant crowd on April 7, with music, drinks, and art after hours—a perfect time to see the vivid canvases of Abstract Expressionist New York (through April 25) and Paula Hayes’s verdant, terrarium-inspired installation (through April 18). In the Marron Atrium, artist Marina Rosenfeld creates a rainbow of sound on April 21 (at 12:00 & 4:00 p.m.) with her performance roygbiv&b; in the theaters, Dziga Vertov’s radical black-and-white film experiments from the 1920s and 1930s receive a long-overdue retrospective. MoMA’s publications are getting their day in the sun too. Now you can download the brand-new MoMA Books iPad app and sign up for a dedicated quarterly MoMA Books E-News to receive the latest updates and offers.

Recently The MoMA asked visitors to tell us their “I went to MoMA and…” stories, and the results have been a lot of fun. Browse the digital wall to see hundreds of funny one-liners, evocative sketches, deep thoughts, and touching anecdotes.

Finally, on a somber note: like others around the world, The MoMA NYC is looking for ways to help victims of the tragic disasters in Japan. To make a charitable donation, please visit for links to several organizations currently working to provide assistance in Japan.