One Peace Books Presents a Unique Look into Japanese Modern Culture: Japan is more than Sushi and Samurai

by Daniel Haim

A fast-growing independent press dedicated to producing books for global readership, One Peace Books, brings contemporary Japanese literature to American readers. One Peace Books, staring adversity in the face, is determined to not allow the 3% effect dampen their mission to let the world know what young Japanese people are thinking.

One Peace Books publishes contemporary books written by modern Japanese authors that do not focus on Japanese culture. However, for the first time, bring what modern Japanese people, in particular young people, are reading and thinking about right now. Therefore, One Peace Books provides a unique and exclusive look into real Japanese modern culture.

One Peace Books publishes, mostly non-fiction, Japanese contemporary books in English. Despite of the well known and unfortunate fact that out of all books published from other languages into English is only around 3%, One Peace Books is determined to show the world what people are thinking and reading in Japan today.

What Americans get in the way of Japanese culture comes from ancient traditions and sometimes true, sometimes not, stereo types. Well, Japan is more than Sushi and Samurai. Who knew that it was a fully developed free thinking modern culture with a very vibrant literary selection?

Best-selling author Ayumu Takahashi is the president of One Peace Books and has authored fourteen books which have sold over 1.4 million copies. He is also the president of three other companies that spread Japanese culture throughout the globe, and regularly volunteers in impoverished nations around the world.

One Peace Books ( specializes in publishing visually-compelling motivational literature. One Peace Books endeavors to publish literature for global readership, and is committed to its core belief that quality literature should not be limited by borders or race, but should reach people all over the world.