Share Your #EarthHour 2011 Story with Earth Hour through Flickr, YouTube

It’s been a record breaking Earth Hour this year, and Bloginity hopes that next year, is going to be even bigger and perhaps even double the hour as well. The Earth Hour team needs your help to show all the highlights as Earth Hour traveled around our beautiful world.

Share your Earth Hour Story

Head over to Earth Hour’s Flickr group, and add your photos. Name and tag the photos with the following title ‘Earth Hour, Earth Hour 2011, your city, your country’

To upload videos you can upload them to your YouTube account and tag them with the title ‘Earth Hour, Earth Hour 2011, your city, your country’ click here to send the Earth Hour team a message about your video.

You could also head over to Earth Hour’s Facebook page and share your story there.

Bloginity has also celebrated the big event by shutting our computers, TVs, and all access to the world for 60 minutes. We were Times Square bound, and absorbed the impact. We wish we took some pictures for you but we were against opening any electronic devices to fully support Earth Hour

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