Sloppy Google: Search Engine Shows Why Humans Shouldn’t Run Things

Admit it, you love Google. Even if you think you don’t, you do, because it helps you do homework faster, look like an expert instead of an idiot, and see the world without ever leaving your house. And while Google may have some flaws – JC Penney apparently exploited one — it appears to do a pretty good job compared to what a “human search engine” would. The masterminds behind Sloppy Google set out to show what a search experience would be like with a human behind the results. Check out the Sloppy Google video and you’ll be a lot more thankful that Google is what it is.

Major differences between Sloppy Google and real Google? Instead of correcting your errors, Sloppy Google tends to misspell your words for you (not that many people need help in that department). In addition, Sloppy Google doesn’t really think you’re feeling lucky today, even if you think you are.

Find out more about the magic behind Google right here.

Sloppy Google