StumbleUpon Launches New Social Media Brand Advertising Platform

by Daniel Haim

StumbleUpon, a discovery engine, today announced the availability of StumbleUpon Paid Discovery, its new social media brand advertising platform. Paid Discovery enables brands to target customers using sponsored web and mobile pages within the StumbleUpon content discovery experience. By utilizing a variety of targeting options, advanced reporting features and variable pricing and serving options, marketers and agencies can reach audiences most likely to engage with and share their content with others.

“Today’s display ads fundamentally miss what is critical for brands: integrating relevant sponsored content with the intended user experience,” said Garrett Camp, StumbleUpon CEO and co-founder. “With Paid Discovery, marketers and agencies can connect directly with customers interested in discovering their products and gain valuable insights into how their customers are engaging with them.”

With Paid Discovery, brands can reach customers through in-stream promotion of entire web pages, micro-sites, mobile sites or videos. To reach their desired audiences, marketers can target StumbleUpon’s growing base of more than 14 million users by age, gender, location, and more than 500 different topical interest areas. Paid Discovery only recommends a marketer’s content to users who have clearly expressed preference for a particular interest.
Paid Discovery provides marketers with a valuable set of engagement metrics, including the time spent by users with that brand’s content and sharing behavior across StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter and email. Marketers pay only for every engaged unique user to their site. If a user likes a brand’s content and shares it with others, Paid Discovery will recommend the content more often, leading to additional free viral traffic.

Key Features of Paid Discovery

Tiered serving priority: Marketers running campaigns with flight deadlines have the option to be served ahead of other sponsored content. Two different price points, $0.10 per visitor and $0.25 per visitor, determine how much delivery the marketer receives, while only paying for those visitors that were engaged with the brand’s content.
Device Targeting: In addition to demographic and interest targeting, marketers can now reach their audience on their mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics: Paid Discovery’s new price points include access to more detailed social virality and engagement metrics as well as being able to analyze their data by interest, age, gender, location, sharing medium or device. These analytics will include average time spent on a page and the sharing distribution of the page to other StumbleUpon users, Facebook, Twitter and email.

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About StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that recommends the best web and mobile content for each user. With more than 14 million users and more than 800 personalized recommendations per month, StumbleUpon is the leading way to discover great, peer-sourced content on the Internet. More than 60,000 marketers have used StumbleUpon to promote their products and services. StumbleUpon is based in San Francisco and backed by some of the same investors behind Google and Facebook. For more information, visit