Wiz Khalifa Talks Amber Rose Love, Debuts Album on Billboard 200

by Daniel Haim

Things are looking quite solid for Mr. Wiz Khalifa as his debut album, Rolling Papers lands on the Billboard 200 with album sales between 190K and 220K on it’s opening week. And now that things are getting quite clearer and we’re finding out that the rapper is indeed dating Amber Rose..

Wiz wants to let the world know that things are getting serious between the two, he said “Two great people meeting at a good time. She’s very down to earth, she’s very realistic and that’s the way I am…She is womanly. I need that.”

Does anyone else wonder if a Wiz Khalifa / Kanye West collaboration is in the making?? Yeaaaa I am. But besides that. I doubt Kanye could care any less. Am I Right or am I right??

Our masterflex Brian Willett has reviewed Wiz Khalifa’s Rolling Papers calling it “Average Stoner Rap, A Few Hits”

Lyrically, Khalifa can be alternatively impressive or mind-numbingly uncreative. The rapper waxes philosophical on the album opener, “When I’m Gone,” which essentially explains his habit of blowing money by noting that he won’t be able to take it when he dies.

What do you think of Rolling Papers?