Recently Acclaimed Blogger Jay-Z Making Moves towards Europe

Newly acclaimed lifestyle blogger Jay-Z has reportedly expanded his Roc Nation empire by acquiring overseas label, Block Starz Music LLc. This new deal will allow him the opportunity to recruit potential acts in Europe. So all you fellas out in Europe now is the time to make some noise.

As we wrote above, Jay-Z is a recently acclaimed lifestyle blogger. He’s now writing for his newly launched website, which is not too bad however missing content. It resembles Kanye’s old blogging style, or like we call it in our industry “tumbling” as you’re not really sharing your “authentic thought.” Does that make sense? I wonder if he got the blogging idea from Kanye. I also wonder if he’s hired someone to write for him on his new website as… Come on, we all know that blogging takes time.

When I was looking at the “About” page of Jay-Z’s new blog Life + Times, all it reads is “I want to make the extraordinary, ordinary. – sc” so. Let’s give it up for that.