Amanda Seyfried says a break-up feels like someone has died

by Team Bloginity

Amanda Seyfried says breaking up with someone makes it feel like “they’ve died”.

The ‘Dear John’ actress – who has recently been romantically linked with ‘Cruel Intentions’ actor Ryan Phillippe – said time is the greatest healer following a split, and she’s not wrong there.

She said: “It’s so hard getting over someone and time is the only thing that helps. That’s the person you shared way more time with than anybody else, more than any of your friends or family. So the hardest thing is getting used to the absence of them. It’s like they’ve died. It’s like a death.”

Amanda put on a brave face about having her split with ‘Mamma Mia!’ co-star Dominic Cooper played out in the public eye. But that’s the price of fame these days.

She added in an interview with more! magazine: “It didn’t really matter to me that it was public. Being seen out with Dom, or having things written about me or the break-up didn’t really bother me.”