An Amazing New York City Residence in The Most Coveted Uptown Addresses

by Daniel Haim

If you know me personally, you know that I like to complain. And something I have been complaining about this past few months is the sizes of the lofts here in New York City and what they charge for them. We’ve been looking at a place that’s literally $25,000/m rent and it’s just in midtown while spaces just like what I’ve found in Los Angeles are just averaging at $3500.

I fall this guy from New York on Twitter who said, “My apartment is so small, you haven’t been to a place like this since your dads.. nuts..” yeah, that’s right! So here’s my daily discovery.

A combination of 3 smaller apartments into one of the nicest flats in New York City most coveted uptown addresses. The project was delivered by “The Apartment” a New York based Architecture, Design and Branding firm.

We delivered a stunning new dwelling on the 61st floor of the metropolitan tower. Every single room is constructed so that the postcard view of central park is the star. With a built-in wraparound sofa, a secret door in the solid walnut library and distributed surround sound all over the home, this project is an ode to the 80s during which building was erected.

I hope one day, I get to stay at places like this.