Andrej Pejic for Viva! Moda by Marcin Tyszka

by Daniel Haim

There’s a huge controversy around the Bosnian born model from Australia. Yes, I’m talking about Andrej Pejic who’s been climing the Top 50 Models List as he peaked at #11. I won’t be surprised to see Andrej on the top 5 this year as he is making giant moves.

Look at him, and you might ask yourself “Who’s the blond girl?”

And although he might be mistaken for a flat-chested Swedish-type model, just to add to the confusion Andrej walked both Men’s and Women’s show for Jean Paul-Gaultier.

For Viva! Moda, Andrej is called ‘Mr. Unisex’ as he is being photographed by the one and only Marcin Tyszka, who recently photographed another blondie which we absolutely love, Anja Rubik for Vogue Australia.

I know one person in particular who is going to be thrilled to see this photo-shoot. So here’s a shout out to our dear friend Sara Castillo who recently spoke of Andrej, and said “He is so hot, I can’t get enough of him.”

Andrej Pejic by Marcin Tyszka