Andy Warhol honored with a statue on Union Square

by Daniel Haim

We got to give it up to Andy Warhol, the person who literally defined the Pop Art era. He has been honored with a Statue on 17 St and Broadway right on Union Square in New York City.

The reason for the location of the statue is because of his first studio in 1968, called, “The Factory” in the Decker Building at 33 Broadway.

He later moved the studio to a building near the corner of 17 and Broadway where the statue is located. The highly polished silver, 10 foot statue titled “The Andy Monument” by artist Rob Pruitt pays tribute to the pop icon. The statue has Andy’s favorite Polaroid camera around his neck and he is carrying a Medium Brown Bag from Bloomingdale’s, a New York department store. Andy once exclaimed, “Death is like going to Bloomingdale’s.”

Go check out the Andy Warhol Statue yourself!

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