Antonio Banderas stars in The Big Bang trailer

by Team Bloginity

Antonio Banderas is among the big names who feature in ‘The Big Bang’ trailer which has been released online.

If you like a mixture of diamond-hunting and guns then the preview of the Spanish actor’s latest flick, which is available from Apple, could be worth checking out.

Antonio plays Los Angeles private detective Ned Cruz in the hunt for $30 million worth of diamonds, as well as the small matter of his missing girlfriend Lexie.

Snoop Dogg plays the part of a pornography producer that Ned meets during his quest through Hollywood, and he also comes across Dawson’s Creek star James Van Der Beek on his travels.

‘The Big Bang’ – which is set to hit the big screen on May 13 – takes its name from a part in the film that sci-fi geeks may relish when Ned runs into a billionaire (Sam Elliott), and his physicist (Jimmi Simpson) who are keen to re-create The Big Bang – the explosion that supposedly created the universe.

By James Leyfield