Beyonce to release new music this year. Sony Exec says “It’s groundbreaking”

by Daniel Haim

MTV has just learned that Beyonce met with Sony Music executives to preview her new material for her upcoming album. Denis Handlin, a Sony executive told the Daily Telegraph in an interview It was just amazing. She came and played us six tracks from the album. She wants to do a big tour off the back of this record.. These songs, the best description I can give is groundbreaking; she’s gone to another level.”

I remember when Beyonce released her previous album we were invited to the Billboard offices to enjoy an acoustic show from the singer. It was, oh my god, what a moment. I swear I will not trade it for anything else. I cannot imagine how Beyonce have grown musically with her upcoming album. I mean, now that there’s so much new material around from Lady Gaga, to Rihanna, if there’s someone that’s capable of changing the industry once again – it’s Beyonce.

Do you think her alter-ego Sasha Fierce, will be included in the new album?