The Black Hole will not be Tron sequel

by Team Bloginity

The ‘Black Hole’ remake is “definitely” not going to be a sequel to ‘Tron: Legacy’.

Joseph Kosinski, director of ‘Tron: Legacy’ – which starred Jeff Bridges – has revealed he is currently working on ‘The Black Hole’ movie.

He told “It’s definitely not a sequel. That’s a reimagining of the concept.

“We know so much more about black holes now and the phenomena that surround them and the incredible effects on time and space that they have.”

Joseph said the film will tell the story of an interstellar mission to the black hole, complete with some of the concepts from the original movie, which sees a research ship discover a missing vessel on the edge of a black hole.

So, the chances of seeing Jeff swirling through a black hole into a dark abyss appear low, and if you’re after another ‘Tron’ movie then don’t get your hopes up either.

Joseph didn’t confirm a sequel, saying: “If we do another one we owe it, I think, to ‘Tron’ legacy, to figure out what’s the next frontier.”

Could ‘Tron: Legacy’ have been the final frontier? I’m not holding my breath for another.