Bloginity Networks Acquired By InterActiveCorp, Owners of Newsweek, Vimeo

IAC Building at Night, 555 West 18th Street, New York, NY

The Bloginity offices have been abuzz today now that the news is official: Bloginity management has agreed to a buy-out from InterActiveCorp, or IAC, an international media conglomerate that owns numerous popular websites and companies (in addition to, including, Newsweek magazine, College Humor and Urbanspoon. Bloginity’s Daniel Haim has been in talks with IAC for several weeks, with the final details hammered out over late-night lattes and 808s and Heartbreak.

“We couldn’t be more excited to take the next step forward in Bloginity’s journey to the top of the entertainment news industry,” Haim said, popping a bottle of champagne. “Out of all of the companies that have contacted us, we found that IAC was most willing to accommodate Bloginity and our vision of growth.”

Bloginity was founded in 2008 but has grown exponentially, establishing itself as a leader in the fast-paced, at times over-crowded world of online news. With its dedicated team of opinionated writers, coders and developers, Bloginity has outpaced the competition and won attention from IAC and other bidders, who recognized Bloginity as an up-and-coming force in online news.

“One of the things that impressed us most in working with IAC was the close-knit feel and hands-on approach,” said Haim, sipping a Scotch. “IAC is a relatively small operation in terms of people, and like Bloginity, they recognize the power that a small group can accomplish when freedom of expression is the utmost priority.”

Indeed, IAC employs only about 3,200, yet the company yields revenues upwards of $1.445 billion. Once Bloginity is fully integrated, that number is expected to increase significantly, as IAC can capitalize on the recognized brand image and unique, often viral content produced by Bloginity. According to Haim, Bloginity will stay true to its original vision, and the personality that set the site apart will still be central.

“The word ‘acquisition’ can be a scary one not only for management but for our fans, as well,” said Haim between puffs of a Cuban cigar. “But rest assured that Bloginity will still operate in exactly the same way it has, with the emphasis on rich user experience and original, engaging content. If you weren’t aware of the acquisition, you probably wouldn’t notice a thing.”

April 2 Update: Most of you were able to tell this was an April Fools joke from the blockquotes, although we did fool some of you! As April Fools tradition goes, we need to reveal that this was a joke and that Bloginity is still an independent site. We have not been acquired and are not in talks to be acquired. This was just a prank! April Fools!!