Boarding Surface Takes Off with Their New Single “You and Me”

If you close your eyes and just listen to the music, it’s hard to imagine that Boarding Surface is a young Swedish band consisting of four young teenagers from Bomhus (a suburb to the small industrial town of Gävle, in the north of Sweden), and not an already established British act from Manchester, UK. Boarding Surface are the new stars of the Swedish label Despotz Records, and it is easy to see the potential the group holds for the future. Their new single, “You and Me,” holds a mystique that begs the listener to explore the band more.

There is something familiar about it, and yet, something very new; the pain described doesn’t stop at the lyrics, as is the case with many bands singing about the same topic. The lyrics mimic the instrumentation, allowing one to empathize with the singer in a way that many groups attempt to execute, but fall short. You actually feel for and relate to lead singer Anton Gustavsson when he sings “I can’t get rid of this selfish loneliness.” The song speaks of a painful love; not only this, but it embodies the message – Gustavsson’s speech patterns entwine the lyrics with a deeper meaning. As he sings of losing his mind from love, it is a somber voice that wavers with the rhythm, as though he is actually going crazy. Few artists can achieve this level of congruity and integrity, but Boarding Surface pulls it off seamlessly. Look out for them in the future; they’re going places.