The Bucket Men – Street Art turned into a Diary of Adventures

by Daniel Haim

Once in while you come across some cool street art which is observed by a walk perhaps a smile, perhaps a photo with your cellphone and a quick share on Twitter, maybe it’s a message, or maybe it’s The Bucket Men.

They say “bad artists copy. good artists steal.”, The Bucket Men – he simply observes, he’s sort of there, and smacks everything with his club, most of the time.. For The Bucket Men painting is just another way of keeping a diary.“The Bucket Men’s Adventures around the World”, that’s what the title of Bucket Men’s Blog reads, and that’s the art that’s surrounding the Bucket Men, but who is the face behind the legend?Jui-Ping Chang, a London based artist and he tells the story best:

In the corner of the city lies a shopping center with a giant and blank billboard in the center. Surprisingly, the only real conversation between neighbors, friends and even families was what the blank billboard would display. One day, the owner of the shopping center decided to place something on the billboard.  There were five figures dressed identically in a blue jumper with white horizontal stripes, dark green trousers with black boots reaching up to their knees and little white gloves on their hands.  The crowd was struck by the dark colors of the figures but what really made them stare was the wooden club on their hands and the big bucket covering their head and resting on their shoulders.

A Collection of Bucket Men next to Banksy

New work by Jui-Pin Chang