Cailyn Gel Liner – Try it and You Will Love it.

Gel liner was a genius invention.  It makes the art of eye liner so much easier.  Whether doing a winged tip or a regular old line, it gives amazing control and a beautiful outcome… as long as you have a good product.  I’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the Cailyn Gel Liner.  I am a huge fan of gel liners and I know too many companies that try and fail at making them.  That is absolutely not the case with Cailyn.

They have made a truly superior product.  The gel liner (I used the black color), goes on smoothly, it does not dry out on the brush while applying or on the lid… and that is huge!  In fact, it stayed on looking perfect from when I put it on in the morning till late at night when I took it off.  The color didn’t move.  The packaging is great because it comes with an attached brush, which at first seemed a little bulky, but when I wasn’t searching in my makeup bag for the brush because it is right there, I realized the brilliance.

The product is perfectly creamy and the colors are stunning, but, like most gel liners you need to work at a moderately fast pace before you lose the ability to manipulate it.

I think this is one of the best gel liners I have ever used and I would certainly recommend it.

GREAT GEL LINER TIP – If you’re used to your smokey eye losing it’s look ½ way through the night or having too much fall out start by using a gel liner.  Coat the eye lightly where you would normally put the shadow and then follow that by tapping on a black (or whatever color smokey eye you are doing) pigment very gently/lightly.  The hold from the gel liner will keep the fallout to a minimum and it will also hold up throughout the night!

Price tag: $21

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