Denzel Washington is reportedly wanted to star in Flight

Denzel Washington is in demand by producers of ‘Flight’.

It is no surprise the ‘American Gangster’ star has reportedly been lined up to be in yet another thriller movie – which is set to be directed by Robert Zemeckis – to play the part of a pilot who rescues his passengers when the engine fails in a plane he’s flying.

But next up for the ‘Training Day’ film star is ‘Safe House’ – which features ‘Green Lantern’ actor Ryan Reynolds and is directed by David Guggenheim – where he plays a prisoner on the run in South America after his safe house is attacked.

Denzel fans will unfortunately have to wait until February 2012 to see the 56-year-old actor in the movie, but it will no doubt be worth the wait.

I don’t think we could ever become tired of seeing the ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ and ‘Unstoppable’ actor star in action films. They just wouldn’t be the same, would they?