E.l.f. Studio Pigment Eyeshadows, Not just a cheep thrill

I am always weary of a cheap buy, but e.l.f.’s Studio Pigment Eye Shadows are amazing for the price. I purchased some from the e.l.f. online store for only $3.00 each!! Surprisingly, this product is light years beyond the other products they sell on their site as far as quality goes. I have had the chance to use everything from foundations to glosses to primers from the company (all of which range in prices from $1.00- $6.00). Why so cheap you ask? Well, most of the products are not of high quality and the packaging they use is pretty basic. They retail their products in many of the Kmarts and Targets as well as local $99 cent or dollar stores. But amongst the sea of mediocre makeup they have available, these jewel toned, powdery pigments are the little gems I fell in love with.

The vibrancy and intensity of these pigments are great for popping natural eye colors during the day, but prime your eyelid with a high quality eye shadow primer before application and you will get extreme pigment payoff, which is great for a “night out on the town” type of look. The downside of this product you ask? Well, like many of the “mineral” or “pigment” eye shadows that are powdery in consistency, they tend to be messier than pressed shadows. Meaning more “fallout” and greater chances of unwanted spills that are a major pain to clean up. Also, e.l.f. only carries six colors in these pigmented eye shadows, which is a major bummer considering that its one of their better products. Who knew that these little pigments could even go toe to toe with MAC eye shadow pigments at 1/7 of the price?