Giantto Cogs Are Tick Tick Ticking

The Giantto Group, a prominent LA based Jewelry Company specializing in original custom jewelry and exclusive timepieces, launches and expands the entire Giantto Timepiece collection worldwide. With continued success and more than positive reaction to the collection, the entire Giantto group itself expands and transforms into an array of artistry and lifestyle that transcends typical industry standards.

The Journey Of Time campaign started about 3 years ago and is growing a steady cult following. The ‘Reckless Luxury’ Hollywood hills spring summer 2009 campaign was quickly followed by the ‘Demand Luxury’ Fall / Winter Moscow 2009 version and had great success world wide. In 2010, it was then trailed by the ‘Luxury Re-Discovered’ spring/summer 2010 campaign that took place with the United Arab Emirates desert theme.

This was promptly followed up with theUnmistakable Luxury‘ Fall / Winter 2010 – 2011 campaign set in the London countryside and was the best so far. Now the group just completed its next shoot in front of a breathtaking mansion set with a circa 1968 Brooklyn backdrop that truly blew the minds of everyone involved. The Giantto ‘Journey Of Time’ campaign is not merely about traveling, or noteworthy destinations, it is so much more than that… and is based on the ability to travel back and forth through time and life itself, any continent, any city, any space, any situation, any time.

The genius team and crew behind all this came together because of a seamless collaboration of the Giantto Group and Factory311 photographer named Matt Plunkett who has photographed huge names including Chris Brown, Tyga, Kendrick Lamar to name a few.. As we were hanging out with our beloved friends Nicholas Hardy & Sara of FACTORY311 and Daniel Haim, A prodigy blogger and art, fashion, and music enthusiast of Bloginity, the Giantto group has decided to get more involved in the field of arts, photography, music and everything in between.

Giantto enters the art world, and gets involved with Bughouse, an incredible LA based husband and wife duo, that creates awesome and truly unique sculptures, furniture, and art pieces currently on display in a few galleries throughout Hollywood, CA.

As far as awesome new watches go, the Giantto group also recently released the new line of all jet back SS and carbon fiber T4’s. All of the new models will be available to purchase from the newly launched site, scheduled to be up and running before summer 2011.

Since summer is almost here, the Giantto group also is part of Bikini Week 2011 tour and events starting in Palm Springs, CA, in April, going to Vegas Nevada, Miami Florida, San Diego California, and ending in Newport Beach California all throughout the summer.