Gisele Bündchen for 23rd Birthday of Elle Brazil by Nino Muñoz

Where did the past 5 months go? Nearly two quarters have gone by and we’re deep in the year 2011. Worry not, well, worry not for Brazil at least because they will be receiving one beautiful spread of ELLE Magazine. This May 2011 issue Gisele Bündchen looks masculine, strong, and sexy.

The magazine celebrates it’s 23rd birthday with a “super special edition”, photography by Nino Muñoz. However this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a classical black and white shot in this pose. If we’re looking years back, you will remember Brigitte Bardot – that’s right! At the end of the day, we love it, this is a great cover.

From the magazine..

Since May 1988, the Brazilian version of Elle magazine follows the fashion in Brazil and worldwide. To celebrate style its 23rd birthday, the publication promotes this Saturday, April 30, ELLE Party, Rua Oscar Freire in Sao Paulo.

From 10am, the magazine promises to surprise those who are shopping the streets Melo Alves and Manuel Father John with a nice decoration, unmissable treats and a special toast to 17h, at participating stores. To learn what these establishments stay tuned to seal ELLE Party in the windows.

Ah! And those who buy the anniversary edition on some of Oscar Freire of the stalls during the event will win a voucher that can be exchanged at the store by Tufi Duek an exclusive port passport. Do not miss!