Great music to start the day to: Bright Spark Destroyer, The Shortest Distance

As you can imagine we get a lot of emails every morning, and it’s rare that something stumbles us. But this morning something felt different and we decided to open the YouTube link, and thank god we did because this is the exact tune we were missing this morning.

Bright Spark Destroyer’s story is similar to Postal Service’s one. They’re a five man group, who started with a long-distance “relationship” of writing and recording in different cities in late 2009, most of the band relocated to London following the release of their EP, Holy Yell, in June 2010.

‘The Shortest Distance’ is a song about love and mathematics – using asymptotes as a metaphor for the sexual tension building in a strong friendship (“we get so close/but we do not intersect”). The song explores the most direct ways to dispel an anxious situation, these being honesty, apology and – perhaps cynically – bribery (“If that doesn’t work/then go out and buy them something nice”).

Musically the song reflects the mood of the lyrics, with the opening chimes of the first verse hanging in the air before the band interrupt with a determined clatter akin to an amped-up Postal Service, leading the song into its effortlessly buoyant chorus.

The track has already gained radio support, being played on Tom Robinson’s Friday night show and on his guest spot on the Nemone show, as well as various plays on Fresh On the Net and a feature on the Introducing Inquisition.

Live dates have been announced in the lead up to the single, culminating in a single launch party at Ronnie Scott’s in London on the 10th May. All other shows are listed below:

Upcoming Tour Dates
Saturday 23rd April – Middlesborough @ Uncle Alberts w/ Brontide
Sunday 24th April – Reading @ Oakford Social Club w/ Tall Ships, Worship
Tuesday 26th April – London @ Camden Monarch w/ Voyeurs
Wednesday 27th April – Swindon @ Riffs Bar
Thursday 28th April – Oxford @ The Cellar
Tuesday 10th May – London @ Ronnie Scott’s (single launch party)